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New Earring Designs :D

Hello everyone! 😀

I finally got around to creating things out of Sculpey clay!  I molded the shapes I wanted out of the clay, and then baked them in the oven at 275°F for 14 minutes, making them hard and sturdy.  Then I painted the details on with acrylic paint, let them dry, and added a glossy glaze on them so they would be all shiny. 🙂  I’ve always wanted to try to make jewelry and figures out of it and here’s what I managed to come up with so far!

  • Here are some pink dumpling earrings 😀 These dumpling earrings are actually inspired by a game called Puzzle Family (on the iphone and android)
  • The next set of earrings come from my love of birds.  I hope to make a bunch of different ones in the future, all representing actual species of birds 😀 I’m thinking of calling them:  Pufflechubs!  xD (after my birds, Puffy and Chubbie)
  • (The last bird set) 😀 Inspired by one of my many favorite types of birds, here are my hyacinth macaw earrings

Hope you all like! There will be much more where this came from, that’s for sure, such as more dumpling style earrings in different colors with cute little faces. :3  Sculpey is so fun to play with and I have tons of ideas! I’ll keep you posted with all the new stuff I make! 😀


Working on Baby Booties

*UPDATE* Finished the baby booties!!! =D

So, I had a client who wrote a short children’s story. It’s a short story and cute. I had to draw the illustrations and color them up. But, because of my full time job it took forever to finish the project. I’m so ecstatic I finally finished it the weekend before last. My cousin, Brit, helped with coloring parts of a few of the pages. Now, I have free time to finish my personal projects!!!! =D *throws confetti*

One of the projects involves babies ( *3*)!!! Two ol’  friends of mine had babies this past February. I’ve been on a mission to sew baby booties for these two cuties before they’ve grown too big for the 0-3 months size template I have (thank you awesome sewing people on the internet for the templates!). I’m close to done with the first pair for Alexis. I hope to finish them tonight and start on the pair for Ava and after that try to learn how to make a pair for the 1 year old cutie, Isabella.  Below is a little image of what Alexis’s pair looked like a couple weeks ago:

I’ll try to post up another picture tonight if I finish the pair.

xo, Jenn

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It’s Been Busy! :D

Hi all! First off, I would like to welcome any newcomers to our site! If you happened to pick up our card at the Odyssey of the Mind event yesterday I would just like to thank you for your interest, and welcome! 😀 We are a simple blog right now where we share our ideas and progress as we create new things that we hope you all can enjoy. One day we hope to have a full-fledged site, where you can place orders and we can ship things out to you! But for now, enjoy our updates along the way! ^_^

As mentioned in the title of this entry, I have been pretty busy this past week, sewing by hand a big batch of Little Tofu Plushies for an event my fiance’s parents hold, called Odyssey of the Mind. My fiance Matt and I helped to run the concession stand and I was able to sell our hand-sewn Little Tofus. They seemed to be a hit and sold out! Thanks to everyone who took interest and/or bought one. I’m glad that the kids enjoyed them, hehe! 😀 Here’s some pictures of the Tofus’ journey:

Here they all are in a bag, waiting to head out to the event 🙂

Tofus In a Pile

And here they are, at the concession stand! The guy in green is Matt! 😀

Tofu Concession Stand

All lined up, waiting for a nice new home! ^.^

Tofus All Lined Up

Here are the stars of the show xD :

Green Tofu:

Green Tofu

Pink Tofu:

Pink Tofu

Orange Tofu (here’s just 2 piled on top of each other, hehe!):

Orange Tofu

And one just in time for St. Patty’s Day, Green Clover Tofu:

Green Clover Tofu

Yay! I plan to make a bunch more in a larger variety of colors. My fiance gave me the idea of making some like Batman and Superman or other random super heroes, so who knows, I may create some “Super Tofus” in the future too LoL! 🙂

More to come soon! ^_^

(p.s. – For the one kid that lost your Tofu, if you happen to see this, feel free to email us at (just mention the color and the price you paid, so I know it’s you and not someone lookin’ for a free tofu hehe!) and if you like I can mail it to you! (for free of course) I’m sorry you lost it!!).


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Old Yet New Plushies! Pokemon and a Super Hero!

Hello all!  Well it took me forever to post this, but here are some new plushies for you all to see… thaaat I made last year as Christmas presents for my friends, LoL!  Hense why some pics have a Christmas tree behind them, hehe.   Enjoy:

First we have some Pokemon! 😀  These were difficult to make because of the shape they have, but I thought I would give it a try!  Here we have Sandshrew and Bulbasaur; two faves among Pokemon lovers out there! Next we have an unfortunately not-as-well-known super hero, but an awesome one, none-the-less!  It’s Deadpool, that wise-cracking fourth wall breaking super-hero, LoL!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

😀 I hope to make a more chibi version of pokemon in the future if I can get it right.  That way they will be easier to make so I can make a lot more of them at once to sell.  More to come! ^.^


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Tears of Dreams

Sooo, these aren’t holiday earrings, lol. They were inspired by a moment where I was utterly sad but then later happy after receiving some advice and guidance.  And I became a bit stronger than before (and maybe a bit more callous—in the fingers, lol, after struggling to make them look like what I imagined in the first place ^_^) I have my dreams, I know I’m worth something in this world and I have a lot to give I’m just still learning all I can in the process. I’m going to fight for my dreams and I’m not going to let anyone rip them from me. 🙂

イヤリングは私が行った. イヤリングの名前は, 夢の涙.

나는 귀걸이를 만들었습니다. 귀걸이의 이름은 꿈의 눈물입니다.

xo, Jenn

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YouTube Vlog – Learning to make Bento

Mary and I made another video for our vlog! =D In it we learned how to make a cute Bento (Japanese lunch). It was pretty fun and we had a few laughs while trying to use some of the Bento gear we had gotten. I had also made a little headband attachment much like the Mr. Sakamoto one I made that I’m wearing in the video. You can see it below as well as the final result of our Bento Odyssey, lol.


우리는 도시락 만들 었어!

[click the photo below to see our vlog]

[Shrimp and Onigiri Platter Headband attachment]

xox, Jenn

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Wire Wrap Pendants

Sooo, these are pendants I made last year but finally had the courage to show them. I actually disliked them when I first made them since it was one of my first attempts at wire wrapping jewelry, lol. BUT, I guess they grew on me over time and thought I could share ’em. =P

First Pendant (Front & Back)

Second Pendant (No Back Design)

xo, Jenn

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Earrings of Randomness

Ok, so I’ve finally put together some shnazzy earrings for my cousin, Britney. Thouuugh, after making them I thought “OH CRAP! Doesn’t she hate pink?!” My memory is hazy but I have this one memory when we were playing together as tiny rugrats that she liked purple more than pink.

WELL, I hope you like these at least! They’re shellish contraptions painted with a pinkish hue and striped with bold and delicate black stripes. =)

[images edited to make the pink stand out more. The counter was an odd blue-gray color that slightly dulled the pink out.]

Another pair of earrings I made yesterday are inspired by some necklaces I’ve been seeing both in punk and Asian accessories as of late. They’re made entirely of safety pins! Though could be a hazard if you just randomly decide to thrash about while walking or roll around on the floor, lol (¬_¬)” …

I thought, hey why not make saftey pin earrings! But I didn’t want to keep them plain. I got some beads (once again black and pink, lol) to add to ’em because I love beads (* v*). I’m currently spray painting several safety pins a jet black color and I’m not able to show them yet. But, I also made a plain silver pair that I can show here. They’re pretty simple but kind of cute in a way—well, to me anyway, lol.

Below are a couple images (linked to the sites they are from!) of what inspired me to make some safety pin jewelry. I’ll be showing the painted safety pin earrings in 2-3 days when they’ll hopefully be done looking the way I want them to, lol:

xox, Jenn

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Minecraft Baddies!

Hello aaall!

For all the Minecraft lovers out there, here’s my first Minecraft inspired plushie of a Slime!.. those rare pesky guys you may find if you dig deep enough, hehe!


D’awwws.. it’s so cute though, even if it will pwn you.. xD  I hope to make more Minecraft inspired plushies soon.. maybe even a really big Slime with little Slimes inside.. we’ll seeee! 😀