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MAGFest, our costumes, and the Game Grumps panel

The exposure of the picture isn’t that great but we wanted to have some memory of us in our costumes, lol. Mary dressed up as Gaige from borderlands 2 and I dressed up as Rosa (a.k.a Mei) from Pokémon Black and White 2.

Rosa and Gauge

Here’s Mary’s plushies before we go to the Game Grumps panel. Resting happily before they reach their new owners:

[During their panel you can see Mary be able to give the plushies to Jon and Arin:]

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Game Grumps Plushies: Jontron Kirby and Egoraptor Poppy Bros.

Mary made these plushies for Jontron and Egoraptor! Check ’em out!~

jontron and egoraptor plushies

Mary here!: 😀 I’m so glad the Grumps seemed to like them, “pube-like” hairs and all, haha (Egoraptor apologized for calling Kirby JonTron’s hair puby later when we saw him at the GameGrumps signing but no worries Arin, no need to apologize, that cracked me uuup, hehehe!)  It was very exciting to be able to give these to them, even if I was all awkward for all of YouTube and the panel attendees to see, LoL!  But it was worth it.. hopefully these snuggly guys will cheer them up, and even get them through their trials in Sonic ’06!

If you are stopping by to check out our stuff from Reddit, welcome! 😀  We are just a humble blog for now, but we are hoping to set up an Etsy soon, and eventually have our own website.  Feel free to like our Facebook if you like, we make a bunch of cute things and gamer-related things, so something for everyone! 😀

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It’s Been Busy! :D

Hi all! First off, I would like to welcome any newcomers to our site! If you happened to pick up our card at the Odyssey of the Mind event yesterday I would just like to thank you for your interest, and welcome! 😀 We are a simple blog right now where we share our ideas and progress as we create new things that we hope you all can enjoy. One day we hope to have a full-fledged site, where you can place orders and we can ship things out to you! But for now, enjoy our updates along the way! ^_^

As mentioned in the title of this entry, I have been pretty busy this past week, sewing by hand a big batch of Little Tofu Plushies for an event my fiance’s parents hold, called Odyssey of the Mind. My fiance Matt and I helped to run the concession stand and I was able to sell our hand-sewn Little Tofus. They seemed to be a hit and sold out! Thanks to everyone who took interest and/or bought one. I’m glad that the kids enjoyed them, hehe! 😀 Here’s some pictures of the Tofus’ journey:

Here they all are in a bag, waiting to head out to the event 🙂

Tofus In a Pile

And here they are, at the concession stand! The guy in green is Matt! 😀

Tofu Concession Stand

All lined up, waiting for a nice new home! ^.^

Tofus All Lined Up

Here are the stars of the show xD :

Green Tofu:

Green Tofu

Pink Tofu:

Pink Tofu

Orange Tofu (here’s just 2 piled on top of each other, hehe!):

Orange Tofu

And one just in time for St. Patty’s Day, Green Clover Tofu:

Green Clover Tofu

Yay! I plan to make a bunch more in a larger variety of colors. My fiance gave me the idea of making some like Batman and Superman or other random super heroes, so who knows, I may create some “Super Tofus” in the future too LoL! 🙂

More to come soon! ^_^

(p.s. – For the one kid that lost your Tofu, if you happen to see this, feel free to email us at (just mention the color and the price you paid, so I know it’s you and not someone lookin’ for a free tofu hehe!) and if you like I can mail it to you! (for free of course) I’m sorry you lost it!!).


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Old Yet New Plushies! Pokemon and a Super Hero!

Hello all!  Well it took me forever to post this, but here are some new plushies for you all to see… thaaat I made last year as Christmas presents for my friends, LoL!  Hense why some pics have a Christmas tree behind them, hehe.   Enjoy:

First we have some Pokemon! 😀  These were difficult to make because of the shape they have, but I thought I would give it a try!  Here we have Sandshrew and Bulbasaur; two faves among Pokemon lovers out there! Next we have an unfortunately not-as-well-known super hero, but an awesome one, none-the-less!  It’s Deadpool, that wise-cracking fourth wall breaking super-hero, LoL!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

😀 I hope to make a more chibi version of pokemon in the future if I can get it right.  That way they will be easier to make so I can make a lot more of them at once to sell.  More to come! ^.^


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Minecraft Baddies!

Hello aaall!

For all the Minecraft lovers out there, here’s my first Minecraft inspired plushie of a Slime!.. those rare pesky guys you may find if you dig deep enough, hehe!


D’awwws.. it’s so cute though, even if it will pwn you.. xD  I hope to make more Minecraft inspired plushies soon.. maybe even a really big Slime with little Slimes inside.. we’ll seeee! 😀


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Little Tofu Plushies

Yay I finally learned how to make these little tofu guys that are a big hit in Japaaaaan! xD ..So far I’ve made green ones and pink ones but I’m hoping to expand and make batches of a bunch of different types and colors.

Here’s the green one:

Here’s the pink one:

And here’s the two snugglin’ togethaaa:

Yay.. the cuteness is coming along.. more to come! 😀


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The Jelly Fish Teru Teru Bozu!

Kuragehime (a.k.a Jellyfish Princess) is the title of a short animated series that I had seen. It’s a very odd series cut short but I loved the nutty characters. I was inspired when I saw a lil Teru Teru Bozu Jellyfish doll that was made in one episode. They’re so goofy and cute looking: A Teru teru bozu is a handmade amulet doll that the farmer’s in japan would hang outside to bring good weather and ward off rain. Bozu means “buddhist monk” but in modern japanese slang stands for bald-headed. Teru describes “sunshine.”
A bunch of versions of the jellyfish dolls were made in the episode and you can see them stacked together in the previous post I made about our current projects.

I decided to make my own version of the lil’ plush doll. I used clear beads that have a prism sheen for the tentacles and kept to the look of the first bozu doll they made in the episode. I used two buttons for the eyes though instead of sewing in eyes.:

[Edited on Feb. 21, 2011]

Teru Bozu Gift I made for Mary.
 xo, Jenn