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Kokeshi Charm Necklace

For my dear cousin, Britney, I have made a charm necklace. The Kokeshi doll I modeled in clay and it baked quite nicely. It didn’t catch as much flying dust as previous sculpts. I painted her eyes, small eye brows, and lips then glazed it all to death after it all dried, lol. I added a pearl and crystal to give it a more delicate look.

She has three buns on her noggin and a very simplified Chinese dress. It would’ve been nice if I could have found my gold paint to make the lining for the dress. :\

I’m not good with making things that are outside of the childish or cute realm. My brain is kind of stuck in that mode. Even at 26 I’m still wearing cutesy things, lol. Anywho, love ya, Britney! Hope you like this, cuz!

– Jenn

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A little Journey for my Journeying Pack

This is a little belated in my posting this on here. I posted it up in but wanted to show it here too. I’ve given into the “fanny packs’… lol, I used to make fun of them in the past and avoid ever wearing one. I bought one for my Busch Gardens trip so that I don’t have to have the feeling of a flailing bag and/or purse that weighs me down over time and I won’t have to worry about my belongings as they sit in a bin or cubby while I’m on a ride (I’m a big worrier of many things.)

The one I bought is small compared to the heavy duty ones I saw at REI. It’s a plain, black Jansport pack that felt comfortable chillin on my hip or back. It was the same material as one of my ol’ school back packs that I remember drawing on. I painted my pack to put a little of my personality into it. I got one for Mary too (she’ll probably paint hers as well at some point.)

For months I’ve been in love with this game called, Journey. It’s on the PS3 and it was made by thatgamecompany. All of their games are refreshing to me. Anywho, what I had painted was one of my favorite parts in the game that I experienced when I was able to play with my best and with many others that happen to sync with my game. It’s a vast sand dune level where when I first began playing, many would be wandering in. So if one person left quickly, another would soon join right after. Nowadays, it isn’t as much as a hot spot as it was before, but I still like to remember my first “YAY!” moments in the game when someone was able to join me on a journey from that level 😀