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Late Saturday Night with Egoraptor

Mary, Mike, Matt, and I waited with other avid fans in line for the Game Grumps autograph signing for those who were unable to get a picture and autograph the first session. Jon wasn’t able to attend since he was sick (get well, Jon!) We were cheered up though by Arin’s energy. Arin’s seriously a great guy. For two hours he stuck with all of us, gave fun cartoony autographs, and took lolsy photos with fans. Then right after, he attended his one hour panel that turned into a two hour panel. That’s dedication! 😀

Thanks for being awesome!



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MAGFest, our costumes, and the Game Grumps panel

The exposure of the picture isn’t that great but we wanted to have some memory of us in our costumes, lol. Mary dressed up as Gaige from borderlands 2 and I dressed up as Rosa (a.k.a Mei) from PokĂ©mon Black and White 2.

Rosa and Gauge

Here’s Mary’s plushies before we go to the Game Grumps panel. Resting happily before they reach their new owners:

[During their panel you can see Mary be able to give the plushies to Jon and Arin:]

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Game Grumps Earrings

Mary and I have been watching two YouTube celebrities, JonTron and Egoraptor, in a recently made series called GAME GRUMPS. They crack us up with their goofy remarks, commentary, and outbursts. 😀 Eventhough the opening is cute and they play E-rated games I don’t recommend little kids seeing it due to some language—and stuff, lol.

Anywho, to the point, I love the chubby cartoon faces [at left] Egoraptor made of himself and JonTron for the opening of their videos. So much so, I sculpted tiny versions of their cartoon heads in clay, baked them, and painted them nice an’ purty. I was considering if they should just be charms you put on your keychain, a bracelet, or necklace but they ended up as earrings, lol. I have no idea how often I’d wear them but they are funny and cute, well, at least to my friends and me.

Here are a few pictures I took inbetween making them and then of the final product.

– Jenn