About Us

Left: Jenn (a.k.a Ro or J.Lee) Right: Mary (Clo or MaryFaery)

We’re two graphic designers filled with big dreams to bring cute and fun hand-made products to the masses…whenever we get the time to, lol.

Life has us constantly on the move but we still need our art to keep us happy. We have many ideas and know that others have come up with similar ideas before us. We’re going to put our own spin to those things as well as come up with ideas others haven’t tried before. But, we also want to share the awesomeness of those with wonderful talents. So, to see our new projects as well as the treasures we find keep in touch by following our blog!

Mary is still working on her shop. Jenn’s shop can be found at the following link: https://jfarrisdesignsshop.com/