Photo Shoot for Clo&Ro Accessories & Plushies

At the end of August Mary and I will be having a photo shoot to show our work on our blog, Facebook, and online shops!!! (yes, plural, I’ll explain in a bit.)

My cousin, Diana, will be our photographer 😀 and you can see her work here:

We’re excited and nervous at the same time. We’ve also been burnt up by all the researching we tried to do through It’s just so overwhelming and the annoying accounting and tax paperwork is something we won’t be looking forward to. I’ve decided to get more human guidance by taking a small business class and will relay what I learn to Mary.

Now to why I said “shops” earlier. We’ve decided to open our own online shops and work as sole proprietors to make things a hell of a lot simpler on us both. We’re at tough points in our lives and aren’t exactly rolling in dough. And we also aren’t living in the same state anymore. But who knows, maybe when we make more money down the road, live in the same state again, and are in more stable situations in life, we can join up as a LLC partnership! We’ll see where fate leads us! :p

We want to thank everyone who has supported us, followed us, and was just curious about us!!! ^__^ Please, keep in touch and keep on following us through whichever medium is best for you. We’ll post up the links to our shops once we have them published and those who asked ages ago to get emailed will still be notified through email possibly before we even post on our blog. 🙂



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