Game Grumps Plushies: Jontron Kirby and Egoraptor Poppy Bros.

Mary made these plushies for Jontron and Egoraptor! Check ’em out!~

jontron and egoraptor plushies

Mary here!: 😀 I’m so glad the Grumps seemed to like them, “pube-like” hairs and all, haha (Egoraptor apologized for calling Kirby JonTron’s hair puby later when we saw him at the GameGrumps signing but no worries Arin, no need to apologize, that cracked me uuup, hehehe!)  It was very exciting to be able to give these to them, even if I was all awkward for all of YouTube and the panel attendees to see, LoL!  But it was worth it.. hopefully these snuggly guys will cheer them up, and even get them through their trials in Sonic ’06!

If you are stopping by to check out our stuff from Reddit, welcome! 😀  We are just a humble blog for now, but we are hoping to set up an Etsy soon, and eventually have our own website.  Feel free to like our Facebook if you like, we make a bunch of cute things and gamer-related things, so something for everyone! 😀


10 thoughts on “Game Grumps Plushies: Jontron Kirby and Egoraptor Poppy Bros.

    • maryfaery says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have any template for them, I just kind of figure them out as I go along 🙂 But I’m hoping to create how-to videos one day on my plushies so I will definitely keep you posted when I do! 🙂


    • maryfaery says:

      hehe we are working on setting up an Etsy as soon as we can so we’ll definitely let ya know when we have them! 😀 yaaaay! I’ll probably be making smaller versions of these to sell so I can make a lot more of them at a time for people ^_^


    • cloandro says:

      Not sure how long you’d be willing to wait, but we’ll have a shop up by the end of June and hopefully we’ll also have Jontron’s and Egoraptor’s blessing to sell them, lol. We’ll post updates on here so keep in touch! 😀

  1. treynrek says:

    truly these are amazing 🙂 when i saw them on the panel i was amazed at how perfect they came out. 🙂 cant wait until your Etsy is up! ^_^ best of luck to you and keep up the great work!

    • cloandro says:

      We’re going to actually skip Etsy and start up our own business and site which is why it’s taking much longer. Well, that and life changing developments also keep slowing down the process. But, definitely keep in touch! If you want, email us, and we’ll notify you ASAP about when the shop is finally published. ^__^ ❤

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