Kokeshi Charm Necklace

For my dear cousin, Britney, I have made a charm necklace. The Kokeshi doll I modeled in clay and it baked quite nicely. It didn’t catch as much flying dust as previous sculpts. I painted her eyes, small eye brows, and lips then glazed it all to death after it all dried, lol. I added a pearl and crystal to give it a more delicate look.

She has three buns on her noggin and a very simplified Chinese dress. It would’ve been nice if I could have found my gold paint to make the lining for the dress. :\

I’m not good with making things that are outside of the childish or cute realm. My brain is kind of stuck in that mode. Even at 26 I’m still wearing cutesy things, lol. Anywho, love ya, Britney! Hope you like this, cuz!

– Jenn


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