Working on Baby Booties

*UPDATE* Finished the baby booties!!! =D

So, I had a client who wrote a short children’s story. It’s a short story and cute. I had to draw the illustrations and color them up. But, because of my full time job it took forever to finish the project. I’m so ecstatic I finally finished it the weekend before last. My cousin, Brit, helped with coloring parts of a few of the pages. Now, I have free time to finish my personal projects!!!! =D *throws confetti*

One of the projects involves babies ( *3*)!!! Two ol’  friends of mine had babies this past February. I’ve been on a mission to sew baby booties for these two cuties before they’ve grown too big for the 0-3 months size template I have (thank you awesome sewing people on the internet for the templates!). I’m close to done with the first pair for Alexis. I hope to finish them tonight and start on the pair for Ava and after that try to learn how to make a pair for the 1 year old cutie, Isabella.  Below is a little image of what Alexis’s pair looked like a couple weeks ago:

I’ll try to post up another picture tonight if I finish the pair.

xo, Jenn


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