It’s Been Busy! :D

Hi all! First off, I would like to welcome any newcomers to our site! If you happened to pick up our card at the Odyssey of the Mind event yesterday I would just like to thank you for your interest, and welcome! 😀 We are a simple blog right now where we share our ideas and progress as we create new things that we hope you all can enjoy. One day we hope to have a full-fledged site, where you can place orders and we can ship things out to you! But for now, enjoy our updates along the way! ^_^

As mentioned in the title of this entry, I have been pretty busy this past week, sewing by hand a big batch of Little Tofu Plushies for an event my fiance’s parents hold, called Odyssey of the Mind. My fiance Matt and I helped to run the concession stand and I was able to sell our hand-sewn Little Tofus. They seemed to be a hit and sold out! Thanks to everyone who took interest and/or bought one. I’m glad that the kids enjoyed them, hehe! 😀 Here’s some pictures of the Tofus’ journey:

Here they all are in a bag, waiting to head out to the event 🙂

Tofus In a Pile

And here they are, at the concession stand! The guy in green is Matt! 😀

Tofu Concession Stand

All lined up, waiting for a nice new home! ^.^

Tofus All Lined Up

Here are the stars of the show xD :

Green Tofu:

Green Tofu

Pink Tofu:

Pink Tofu

Orange Tofu (here’s just 2 piled on top of each other, hehe!):

Orange Tofu

And one just in time for St. Patty’s Day, Green Clover Tofu:

Green Clover Tofu

Yay! I plan to make a bunch more in a larger variety of colors. My fiance gave me the idea of making some like Batman and Superman or other random super heroes, so who knows, I may create some “Super Tofus” in the future too LoL! 🙂

More to come soon! ^_^

(p.s. – For the one kid that lost your Tofu, if you happen to see this, feel free to email us at (just mention the color and the price you paid, so I know it’s you and not someone lookin’ for a free tofu hehe!) and if you like I can mail it to you! (for free of course) I’m sorry you lost it!!).



5 thoughts on “It’s Been Busy! :D

  1. Joyce M Ghen says:

    I lost mine!!!! (and no one seems to care…: -((( ) And Judy wants one with sunglasses on since her daughter stole hers and named it Ufot.

    • maryfaery says:

      Aww! Well as soon as my pink fabric comes in the mail I’ll make yours again! Hehe and sure I can make one with sunglasses xD Does she prefer a particular color? 🙂

  2. Joyce M Ghen says:

    PS…that guy in green…what’s his name?…Oh yeah. Matt. He sure is cute! You should marry him!

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