Tears of Dreams

Sooo, these aren’t holiday earrings, lol. They were inspired by a moment where I was utterly sad but then later happy after receiving some advice and guidance.  And I became a bit stronger than before (and maybe a bit more callous—in the fingers, lol, after struggling to make them look like what I imagined in the first place ^_^) I have my dreams, I know I’m worth something in this world and I have a lot to give I’m just still learning all I can in the process. I’m going to fight for my dreams and I’m not going to let anyone rip them from me. 🙂

イヤリングは私が行った. イヤリングの名前は, 夢の涙.

나는 귀걸이를 만들었습니다. 귀걸이의 이름은 꿈의 눈물입니다.

xo, Jenn


2 thoughts on “Tears of Dreams

    • Clo & Ro says:

      Haha, thanks! ^__^ Yea, after I made these I kind of had this rush of confidence thinking “I can actually make something I envisioned come out exactly how I wanted it to look!” I’m hoping this continues with future projects =D

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