Earrings of Randomness

Ok, so I’ve finally put together some shnazzy earrings for my cousin, Britney. Thouuugh, after making them I thought “OH CRAP! Doesn’t she hate pink?!” My memory is hazy but I have this one memory when we were playing together as tiny rugrats that she liked purple more than pink.

WELL, I hope you like these at least! They’re shellish contraptions painted with a pinkish hue and striped with bold and delicate black stripes. =)

[images edited to make the pink stand out more. The counter was an odd blue-gray color that slightly dulled the pink out.]

Another pair of earrings I made yesterday are inspired by some necklaces I’ve been seeing both in punk and Asian accessories as of late. They’re made entirely of safety pins! Though could be a hazard if you just randomly decide to thrash about while walking or roll around on the floor, lol (¬_¬)” …

I thought, hey why not make saftey pin earrings! But I didn’t want to keep them plain. I got some beads (once again black and pink, lol) to add to ’em because I love beads (* v*). I’m currently spray painting several safety pins a jet black color and I’m not able to show them yet. But, I also made a plain silver pair that I can show here. They’re pretty simple but kind of cute in a way—well, to me anyway, lol.

Below are a couple images (linked to the sites they are from!) of what inspired me to make some safety pin jewelry. I’ll be showing the painted safety pin earrings in 2-3 days when they’ll hopefully be done looking the way I want them to, lol:

xox, Jenn


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