Minecraft Baddies!

Hello aaall!

For all the Minecraft lovers out there, here’s my first Minecraft inspired plushie of a Slime!.. those rare pesky guys you may find if you dig deep enough, hehe!


D’awwws.. it’s so cute though, even if it will pwn you.. xD  I hope to make more Minecraft inspired plushies soon.. maybe even a really big Slime with little Slimes inside.. we’ll seeee! 😀



6 thoughts on “Minecraft Baddies!

  1. Ellie says:

    Where do you get the material you used to make them… i promised i would make my friend one but i cant seem to find that material anywhere 😦 i would b so greatful if you could help me out… thx xx

    ps. THIS IS AMAZING!!! :3

    ~ Ellie D

    • Clo & Ro says:

      Mary used Minky fabric. I’ve seen it at G Street Fabrics. But, she usually orders it from online now. Can’t remember which online store she uses though. I’ll tell her to check your comment when she gets back from out of town.
      – Jenn

    • maryfaery says:

      😀 As Jenn mentioned, sometimes I can find minky fabric at G-street fabrics or Jo-Ann’s but they can be hit or miss so my favorite online site for getting minky fabric is: http://www.minkydelight.com/smoothminky.html 😀 This site is amaaaazing because it has a great selection of colors and some other neat types of fabric too :B For details like the eyes and mouth I just used felt so they wouldn’t fray and I just hot glue them on carefully xD Glad you like! 😀 Hope that helps and have fun making one! Hehe xD

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