Run for Japan Logo/T-shirt Design Growth

So, I got permission to show the designs. These images are copyrighted to them! They are working with American Red Cross to start this marathon in Ohio.

The Run for the Rising Sun Marathon is dedicated to raising money to help Japan in their greatest time of need. The facebook page for this running event is here: Run For The Rising Sun

This was my first draft at their logo and t-shirt design:

This first one I made was too much like other designs that I found after researching the topic of rising sun themed hearts. And there was no uniqueness to it. *sad face* I was a bit forlorn, but I should’ve realized how often the idea was thought of.

This was my second draft:

I made this purely out of love for EVERYTHING japan, including their cartoony pop art that they often use in many forms of promotional media and for their awesome animations. BUT, after making it, I realized not everyone likes their animations and I kept getting comments that people may get disinterested if I used an anime-style cartoon as the running mascot for the shirt. So, this too got scrapped (yet this and the other image above are still on the facebook as other images representing the Run for the Rising Sun Marathon.)

The third design (the winner):

This was picked among two other designs meant for final decision making. This popped out more than the other two and seemed to be a popular design among those who would see it. I was determined to make something with a different spin than the generic rising sun hearts out there. I didn’t want people to mistake it for another’s work like which was done with the very first draft because of how generic it looked. And I succeeded. =D

xo, Jenn


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