About T-shirt designs

We can make an image for a t-shirt that we’ll get printed onto a shirt for you. As artists we draw and paint proficiently and have the necessary programs to create an image that you can imagine up. =)

Here’s an example of a t-shirt design Jenn made for a contest:

The whole idea behind the shirt that the client wanted was a “Spinkycat”, which are the oblong lookig cats you see stacked in the circle, portraying the ideal of “Itch-it”ing peacefully. “Itch-it” is their catchphrase. If you want to do something, do it. Pursue it—a career, a dream, a goal, whatever itches at you. Also, to live each day fully. Well, atleast that’s the message I got. Here’s their blog: http://spinkycat.blogspot.com/
Anywho, they wanted a peace sign within the design so Jenn used more than one Spinkycat to work together in the circle and portray a peace sign. It didn’t win the contest but the client liked it, lol. *jazz hands*

A second design that did win in a contest is for the Pink Heals Tour (so now it’s copyrighted and owned by them.) You can visit their site for details on what they do: http://www.pinkfiretrucks.org/, but the main idea is that they raise money to help women dealing with all forms of cancer and to raise awarenss to those around the U.S.

The clients wanted a design that is reminiscent of Victoria Secret’s style  and also with College style imagery.

My oldest shirt design from 5 -6 years ago is a Race for the Cure shirt I made for a group running in the marathon:


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